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Reese Freyer
Re: Other Services
I had a Z Pack to get filled. The cost was $11.95 before the Neighborhood Outreach Program discount card. After the Pharmacist used the card, the cost was cut in half and I was charged $6.23.

All you have to do is give the card to the Pharmacist, and they do the rest. Truly amazing we have been getting robbed for all of these years. The Neighborhood Outreacdh discount was better than the one through my Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.
Kelly Freyer
Re: Other Services
I recently was diagnosed with "pink eye", and went to the Lake Oconee Urgent Care Center by the Mellow Mushroom. Additionally, I have a policy with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The Dr. prescribed some drops called, ciprofloaxin and gave called in the order to Publix.

The Publix Pharmacy processed my order, and when I check out, I gave the person a Neighborhood OutReach card, and also my Blue Cross Blue Shield card.

The drops cost $45.00, and the cashier reduced the price all the way down to $15.00. The Neighborhood OutReach card had a bigger discount than Blue Cross.

Thank you Neighborhood Outreach for the free discount. If you fill prescriptions, you need to carry a card. To get one go to
Frances Burdette
Re: Other Services
Reese, thank you for writing my insurance policy on my car and truck. I formerly paid $115 per month and you got it down to $65 a month. Thank you.

Prescription Savings Card
Re: Other Services
Very much appreciate the Neighborhood Outreach Program/Prescription Savings Card. This is a unique and best kept secret for drug savings. We used the card, so far, on two different prescriptions. On one purchase we saved $8 on the price and on the second we saved a whopping $18.00. We couldn't believe it and wished we'd known about this card previously. The locally-owed pharmacist wasn't really thrilled that we used it, because he said he thought it might reduce his actual profit, but he took it. And, we talked to the pharmacist at Walgreens, and he indicated they accept it all the time and that they had no problem with his customers using the Prescription Savings Card. Thanks!
John Ganter
Re: Other Services
Reese: Thank you for introducing me to the prescription drug discount card. I used the card at my local Walgreens and saved 50% on my proscription of Lexapro. Normally it costs me $80 and after using my card I paid $40.
I would recommend everybody use the card where ever you purchased your prescriptions.
Re: Other Services
Thank you Discount Cell for refilling my A T & T minutes over the phone late Friday. It is amazing you can do the refills with out my going into a store. Please keep my card on file for future purchases. Thank you.
Reese Freyer
Re: Other Services
This testimonial is in regard to the Discount Prescription card program that you can read about at and Neighborhood Outreach Program.

This card works! This card is free! If you have strong health insurance coverage, you may get a bigger discount automatically, however most of us have catastrophic coverage with little prescription coverage. So get a card and use it. Try it and give it to the pharmacist and get them to tell you the options. Keep it in your purse and wallet.

I have a head cold, and went to the Doc in the box and was prescribed three medicines per the below: The pharmacy chosen was Publix at Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia.

1. Codeine Cough Syrup (Savings of $24.70)

Cash Price - $50.00
Neighborhood Out Reach Discount Price - $25.30

2. Z Pack (Savings of $34.56)

Cash price - $49.00
Neighborhood Out Reach Discount Price - $14.44

3. Steroid Prednisolone (Savings of $21.49)

Cash price = $50.00
Neighborhood Outreach Discount Program - $28.51

So if I had walked in with no discount card,, the cost for the three above medications would have been $149.00. With the Neighborhood Outreach Program the cost is $80.75.

If you want a card, call 855-542-8363 or visit,

If you have a story, please post it here so others can see it. Thank you.